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Why do I have a website?

I started this website because I wanted to make app development easier for everyone. This website should be a help for everyone who is interested in app development and for me, because I forget things.

Why did I choose the red panda?

I needed a unique developer name and chose Red Panda because Red Raccoon was already taken. Now I learned that the name is not unique and there are actually companies with this name. Red pandas are cute, though.

About me

I am a 23-year-old developer from Berlin, Germany. Currently I'm studying Medieninformatik (Computer Science and Media) in Berlin. I started using MIT App Inventor back in 2014 and this website in 2017. I had to switch to Github pages with Jekyll support in September 2019. I switched to hosting it on Vercel in 2022, because it is more comfortable


HTML: 90%

CSS: 85%

JavaScript: 85%

Java: 80%

Pascal: 75%

Arduino: 75%

Python: 60%

Haskell: 50%

Dart: 35%

Ruby: 10%