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Tilt & Tap


A game that teaches you multitasking Track the score from up to 20 players
Easy rules, inuitive steering. Try to make as many rallies as possible with tilting and tapping. Tilt your phone to move the top paddle, tap on the screen to move the bottom paddle. Never discuss about the current score again. Track plus and minus points of 20 players in two teams. Bonus: The app tracks your steps and distance.

Password Checker


Check your password security offline Roll the dice and share the result
How secure is your password? Find out with this app. Need a new password? Generate a new one with this app. Don't worry, we do not save your data, all calculations are done offline on your phone. Plus, this app is open source. Easy as that. Plus, change the design of the dice. Actually one of my first projects with MIT App Inventor.