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My Password Advice

Main rule: How secret is the thing I want to protect with the password?

  • Use Two-Factor-Authentication wherever possible.
  • The longer and more different characters, the better.
  • Choose characters that do not form words to protect against dictionary attacks.
  • Choose something that is not related to you to protect against social engineering attacks.
  • Choose different passwords for different accounts.
  • Use a trusted password manager for convenience.
  • Choose a strong password for your e-mail account, because almost all other passwords can be reset by e-mail.

My Personal Tips

  • Use the first letters of your favourite song text or movie quote.
  • The quote should contain special characters in the best case.
  • Use words you spelled wrong as a child.
  • Youtuber’s and Twitch streamer’s names are often a good pick as they often contain special characters, are easy to remember and the words are uncommonly found in a dictionary. Just don’t choose someone too popular
  • Use an adress (state + zip code, street + house number for extra security) that is not related to you
  • If you want to use similar passwords for different accounts, use a hashing method.