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Check if today's date is date

Detect barcode scanner back press

A simple highscore counter

Typical use of anyComponent

Search for nearby ...

Check if user is near a location

Add text to a webpage

Add these lines to your html file
<script>document.getElementById("content").innerHTML += window.AppInventor.getWebViewString();</script>
Everytime the page is loaded, the text of WebView String will be added to the html tag with the id="content"

Better select list item

Same as select list item, but never throws an error. Index 0 will return the last item, and so on and index length + 1 will return the first item again and so on.

Let the user choose a language

Download test.json here

Test if a string starts with ...

Test if a string ends with ...

Append something to something in the TinyDB

Behaviour depends on the thing in the database Appends to list or string if both are compatible. Adds if both things are numbers

Generate a random string of given length from a sequence chars

Shuffle the list

Sort the list lexiographically

The sorting algorithm is slow!