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Why You Should Learn App Inventor

Why should I learn App Inventor? That's a question which has been asked very often. Maybe you are asking yourself why you should learn App Inventor? Here are my thoughts on this topic:

  • Learning new things is always a good idea
  • If English is not your mother tongue, you'll definitely learn some English, because not all tools you will use will be available in your mother tongue
  • You can develop every kind of app
  • The blockly engine is very popular, so you can easily switch to other code generators
  • Blockly itself is compatible with JavaScript, Python, PHP and Dart code
  • If you go deeper into the App Inventor world, you will be able to integrate text-based programming languages, e.g. HTML, SQL, PHP, etc.
  • App Inventor is your key to the world of computer science
  • You learn the logic of programming languages
  • You can use App Inventor as an entrance into the world of coding and then develop your skills based on App Inventor
  • It is easier for you to learn other programming languages, because in App Inventor you only have to think about how it should be done and not how to write the code for that

Should I learn App Inventor if I already know other programming languages?

Maybe. You will hate some things because App Inventor is a graphical drag-and-drop programming language. It has some disadvantages e.g. it gets confusing with more complicated code and there is no debugger. But there are also advantages like the live development with real-time debugging. Not to forget the App Inventor Team which develops the platform to make it better (At the moment they are testing background services, which will be a big step forward). If you are familiar with java, you should definitely take a look at App Inventor extensions, a way to expand the functions of App Inventor. For me, developing is also faster than with Android Studio. App Inventor is definitely a good entrance into programming with Android